Alarm Systems

Most ‘alarm’ companies primary objective is in receiving your monthly fee – not putting in REAL protection. They are what we refer to as a ‘lick and stick’ company where the system parts are mostly wireless and attached to your home with peel-and-stick tape. Not us – we treat our residential customers the same as our corporate clients. Your safety matters to us!

Life Safety and Sensors

We know how to protect your family and valuable assets by equipping your home with a life safety system. Our technology platform enables the monitoring of hazardous conditions such as Carbon Monoxide, as they occur. We also have sensors that can lower energy expenses by turning off lights and lowering climate settings in unoccupied areas, protect wine collections, medicine cabinets, safes, art collections… We also monitor areas prone to water leaks and broken pipes. A few dollars invested now will save you thousands later. Our most popular sensors detect:
• water leaks
• broken pipes
• carbon monoxide
• smoke
• excessive heat
• arriving vehicles
• occupants


Prevent many problems before they happen. Our video surveillance systems enable you to see who is in the backyard or pool, at the gate or front door, and when you are away, what the pets are up to or if you left the stove on. Want to check on the baby or how the Nanny is doing? No problem. Of course, if there’s a suspicious person, your cameras can be trained to notify you right on your mobile device. Integrated with your access control, they let you determine if you should unlock a passageway – or not. We’ve installed tens of thousands of cameras… we’ll know the right models and locations for your home.

Remote Capabilities

To help protect your family and home through quick response of emergency personnel in the event of a real break-in or fire, having a security system and managing it are two different things. remote access gives you mobile control and management of your security system and smart home devices. Check in on your pets or elderly family members with live look-in video. Receive alerts when events happen, such as extreme temperate changes, water leaks, motion detection or doors opening. Our smart ecosystem is continually growing, allowing you to connect your home security system with other connected brands you love – and control them from within smartphones.


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