Property Management

At Prestige, we have extensive experience in designing, installing and serving security and fire/life safety systems residential multi-unit dwellings. We work with property managers throughout the tri-state area to reduce their risks and help safeguard residents and property.

Commercial Development

Our custom-tailored, integrated solutions for security and fire/life safety add value to commercial office buildings and industrial complexes. We have worked closely with developers of successful commercial properties throughout New York cirty and the five boroughs, Long island and the surrounding areas.


Our integrated solutions help hospitals, personal care facilities and nursing homes comply with fire/life safety requirements, limit unauthorized access to sensitive areas and more while safeguarding patients, residents and staff.


From shoplifting to slip-and-falls to fire, we help retail businesses reduce risks and safeguard their bottom line. Surveillance cameras, access control and alarm systems protect businesses and their shoppers during business hours and beyond. With our decades of experience, we’ll recommend the system that fits your budget and your needs.
We also setup Analytic systems. Our smart cameras can be ‘trained’ to count traffic to determine which displays are more attractive, what items are selling best, or send a notification if someone left a freezer door open or is not where they are supposed to be.

Health Clubs

Security By Prestige knows how to enhance an unforgettable workout experience with discrete security monitoring and access control systems that protect your customers, staff and your bottom line. We integrate with lighting control to save money by shutting down or dimming unused spaces during off periods.

Houses of Worship

Synagogues, Churches, Student Ministries, or anywhere worshipers assemble require advanced security and alert systems to protect and prevent members and staff. We’ve worked in dozens of area facilities providing the right mix of cameras, access controls on all doors, intrusion detection and fire detection. We also provide comprehensive panic alert systems. Let’s be sure you are protected.


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